Sus n' Sean Website (7/2008 Refresh!)




H! Welcome to the website of Sean Leonard and Susan Dong (now Susan D. Leonard. yikes!). This is still in it's rudimentary stages, but we are trying to include updates as we can.

Sean and Susan finally got married on June 7, 2008 (06/07/08) in Orange County, CA. We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was wonderful celebrating with all our family and friends and we truly thank everyone for making it such a memorable day.

Some old info:

Our wedding website at The Knot.

Our gift registries have all been filled (!) thanks to our incredibly kind and generous guests. Here were our places, in case you were curious.

  • Bed Bath & Beyond: most of the housewares and such. If you click on the link, you will go directly to our registry. Our registry number is 4122498 if you decide to shop in a BBB store.
  • Macy’s: more housewares and other items that were not generally found at BBB.
  • more technologically themed, with gifts that did not appear at BBB or Macy’s (thus, more of Sean’s chosen items). If you click on the link, you will go directly to our registry. does not have registry numbers, but the unique ID is 1IC61Y8LJN8V7.

Below are a few engagement shots from our same photographer Sir Harrison. We had  a wonderful time...thanks for making it such a fun day for us!




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Above you will see a map of our wedding created with Google Maps.

Due to Google Page Creator’s mis-handling of the previous gadgets on our site, Sean decided to make this page a lot simpler. We will add fancy graphics, AJAX, and whiz-bang features some other day. Try to stick to the basics.